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Sensitivity of "open" button

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Has anyone else experienced an incredibly sensitive open button (the silver Karma button on the fob)? I notice that, if I am near the car with the key in my pocket, many times the windows will all roll down - implying that the open button has been held down.

And no, I don't wear overly tight pants. I prefer others to notice the Karma's body, not mine.

I have asked if I can disable this feature, but am to,d it can't be done. Maybe if others have this issue Fisker will address it.

Others have this problem?
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Yes I have had this happen numerous times.
Happened to me once, when I walked in my house close to the car. A while later I noticed all windows were open. Luckily it wasn't raining. I wonder: if we are obviously constantly pressing the open-button (which sticks out) when it's in our pockets, will the battery of the fob be empty within a few months time?
I once came back to the car with wide open windows after 10 hours in the office. Luckily it didn't rain which
in Florida could have been a disaster.
I'm not all that sure it's the button issue. May be it's just one of those random ADD Karma behaviors that are software related.
Never had it happen, I do carry the fob with the buttons facing toward my leg and not facing outward. Perhaps you should give that a try.
It seems to depend on which pair of jeans I'm wearing. The tighter jeans cause it to happen more than the loose 550's.

Update on this - I switched the key I usually carry and haven't had the problem since. I've asked Fisker to replace the presumed faulty key when I go in for the 6.15 update.
I would say try the other key first and see if it happens with both keys or just one and as mentioned if it only happens with one key the button might be a little more sensitive .
Happens all the time to me. I keep my car in my loading dock and charging when I'm at work.....pisses me off when I go out there and all the windows are down......I'm told awaking the car in any fashion while charging will record a "charge fault error". It is to be avoided especially while charging on the 220/240v chargers (which I do) While typically (hopefully?) this will not effect the charge cycles, it will show as an error when it goes in for service.

I've resorted to try to remember to put my key in my jacket pocket.
Happened to me, didn't know it, had a major rainstorm overnight and the interior was soaked. The dealer read out the computer and told me it was "human error" - mine.

Until I just saw this thread, I thought it was my fault.
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