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I'm selling my Karma. It is a beautiful Silver Wind EcoSport with the Monsoon Tri-tone interior. Before putting it on Car Gurus,, Autotrader, etc., I wanted to offer it to the forum members. I'm asking $38,000.

I am relocating to the Texas Hill Country in a few months and, sadly, will not have room to properly house my Karma. I purchased my Karma in 2012 from Sewell Fisker of Houston. I am the original owner. It has always been kept in my garage and I used it as my daily driver until 2017. I have since driven it as my leisure vehicle. The current mileage is 20,844. The car is currently in Houston.

I had all of the recall campaigns completed by either Sewell Fisker or Frank Kent Fisker (Fort Worth). Pull ring deck lid latch - replaced, Passenger airbag - replaced,
RDM replaced, OEM muffler - replaced, CIU case sealed for water intrusion, main cooling fan - replaced, Thermostat housing and thermostat - replaced, Coupler - replaced. All service is up to date and software updates were performed by Frank Kent Fisker.

If interested, PM me through the Fisker Buzz site or email me at: [email protected]

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