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Selling BLACK ON BLACK fisker with upgraded motors rear diff and more!!

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I have a black on black fisker karma ecosport with black interior and black wheels, had the new software update, updated exhaust, rear motors (with warranty 18,000 mile or 18 months) rear differential were updated and upgraded to stronger metal, car has about 17,500 miles on it very clean!


Sacramento CA located
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Here's a link to the buyer beware thread for the seller - Travis... he's just posting with a different username.

and a link to the prior posts of the same
If something happens to the car you will never find Travis to fix the car .
I've actually read all the threads on here about him after i had my repair done and thankfully i haven't run into any problems with him, I've actually been helped by his new assistant that he's hired although I'll admit it took some time for minor things to get patched up between us but he came thru on it. I just wish everyone and him the best.
An assistant that's funny he can't take care of himself no less customers . What is he going to teach him how to rip off people and not return parts . Charge for work tuts not actually performed . The list goes on
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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