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On this long memorial weekend, I was thinking about the fact that I love my karma. 400 miles in a couple weeks and flawless..

I really want to see fisker succeed and others buying luxury cars to put fisker into the consideration set. I was thinking, on the 4th of July, American fisker owners could all post their mpg screen on facebook and what other luxury car they would have bought instead (and it's mpg). We could then declare our independence (or at least greatly reduced dependence) on foreign oil.

Any one else want to raise their hand, to participate, or add additional ideas of things we can do en masse?

By the way, I am going to follow-up on the town hall suggestion of writing California congress people, and will share the letter and the link to finding your state reps.

California is such a key luxury car market, if fisker can thrive here, it will help ensure they are around to keep making great cars (and investing in improving their product). Getting access to the carpool lane would be one more plus in favor of the karma.

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RE: Self organized fisker event: 4th of July, declare your independence from foreign oil

I'm with you. By then I will have over 3K miles with 170mpg. This car is revolutionary!
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