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Today I tested the karma for the second time.
The software version was not the latest.

Some observations.

The shadow looks really nice and canyon tritone leather looks extremly well put togehter, much better then I had in my porsche, the leather felt really good.

This time no rattling noise from the backseat.
Engine noise in sport sounded better but some times we got an rattling sound from the right (in a sports car I wouldnt mind but in this car they must fix it).

Handling quite sporty for the cars weight, steering a bit soft to be sporty for my taste.

On the highway we tested stealth, up to 120km/h (70mph) worked fine but then it got really slow in stealth so sportmode was activated.
Its not superfast but I think quite good for what it is, in the city where I will use it mostly stealth works perfectly.

Then the design, the car looks super in real life. There was a black aston martin V12 vantage at the dealer and I have to admit I think the aston looks better but that is a 2 door car compared to the 4 door karma.

Then there was the command center:D Tried to adjust heating, no response. The Navi was working when we drove away, when should head back we wanted to use the navi to find way back.
No navi at all (waiting to initialize), since I have been reading here I turned the car of for 3 minutes to reboot (like my PC;)
Now the navi worked. But what a system, it took us 5 minutes to get the screen to input destination and so slow,I wouldnt want to pay extra for the Navi today.

But hopefully they will fix the commandcenter soon

Its a shame you cant order the standard edition with canyon tritone leather:)
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