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SE #76 delivered today

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I finally picked mine up today, deposit date was 1/15/2008.

My trunk isn't quite perfect but better than some. My dealer said it is the actual trunk size that varies, if you look at a large number of Karmas (they had 18 in the lot when I got mine), the gap on the trunk to the rear windshield and the side gaps of the trunk are consistent, so I believe him. They also sell MacClaren, he says they see the same issues.

My fender sticks up a little where the tip meets the lights, it's because it is only supported by a rubber layer, I'll try to put some double sided tape under the rubber to see if that fixes it. It's a minor issue.

I've got 6.13, the only oddity I noticed was the indicator for fan speed overlaid the dial pad when on a phone call. There was a plug over the front armrest USB port, Fisker admits using that port to connect to an iPhone confuses the command center, hence the plug until the SW is fixed. Dealer said the stuck-on-February solar panel tracking display will be removed.

I'll post more (and pics) on my blog later tonight.
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Congrats. Are they removing the solar panel energy display altogether? or fixing it?
Congrats! I heard they're removing the screen altogether
Removing it, according to my dealer
siliconkiwi said:
I finally picked mine up today...
Great news, congrats!
Congratulations. Love your blog. We're family now.
siliconkiwi said:
I finally picked mine up today, deposit date was 1/15/2008.
I am very impressed after reading your blog. My thoughts are, 1) you are committed, 2) you are very patience, 3) it has been a very long gestational period, 4) the Karma is worth waiting for, it certainly adds to the appreciation.

Hooray, enjoy your car and look forward to reading your blog, good, bad and ugly :D

Enjoy your weekend with your family :)
Thanks everyone. I've got a smallish (about 100 miles round trip) road trip today, will report on how it goes. For anyone still waiting for their delivery, let me know of there are specific pictures or tests you'd like to see.

Btw, my dealer did say one other interesting tid-bit. He said the Fisker engineers had recommended about once a month to give it a 24 hour charge (I am only using the 110V convenience charger for now) to condition the battery and that the estimated Milage reporting would be more accurate if this was done regularly.
Welcome as a member of the expanding Karma-club!
Off topic, but: why did you move from NZ to the US? I'm more interested in doing the opposite someday. :)
I'm an engineer, and silicon valley was a great place to come for work. When we retire we hope to share time between CA, Hawaii and New Zealand
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