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As a dealer we are still able to buy parts from Fisker HQ which a good thing and the down side the stock of parts are dwindling . After placing a parts order I realized that the engineers left at Fisker are pulling the parts checking inventory and packing them . It's pretty sad that they are doing a job that a warehouse worker could do . The crazy part for me is what do all these engineers do all day I have no idea yes they have helped me with a couple of problems .

I just don't understand why they didn't keep at least two of the technical staff on board they were the back bone of the company . Without them the dealerships would be lost . So you can imagine what it's like now .

With the amount of time I spend posting on this forum I never formally Thanked them for the help they gave us keeping the car no the road .

So a big Thank you :D:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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