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Thank you very much for your email and for being a Karma owner.

As you may know, we have recently acquired Fisker Automotive and we are still in the initial stages of building up the new company. As we prepare for production in 2016, we are evaluating both our distribution channels and methods in preparation for re-launch. We look forward to expanding our global network and understand that increasing our service and supplier network is crucial to our success.

We are currently in the process of developing long-term solid plans to provide improved customer service and solutions to customers requiring vehicle parts and maintenance. We ask for your understanding that resuming service operations to the standard deserved by all current and future Karma owners will take time. The same is true for developing software updates which is in the works. Many improvements related to software for several control modules are a top priority for the Karma re-launch and we are working avidly to improve the experience for all existing and new customers going forward.

In an effort to assist Karma owners with standard labor and parts, we have launched the Customer Loyalty Program (*subject to all terms outlined in the Customer Support Program Manual). For details about this program and for your service and parts needs, please contact Fisker of Montreal.

We invite you to follow our story and product and retailer location updates via media channels and our developing website,

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks and kindest regards,
The New Fisker Team
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