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Remote Locking Help

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My car's key fob works OK and does lock the car but despite the option of parking Lamps and Horn being selected in the menu of the touchscreen, when I exit the car and lock it using the key fob, it locks but no indication or confirmation sound of lights and horn. It's the same with both keys. same thing with opening the car. There is no indication. Am I doing something wrong? I have redone the parking lamps and horn option several times but still no sound or visual parking lamp indication when locking or unlocking. Not a biggie, but annoying as I have to recheck the locks!!. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Has it ever worked for you? I use just "horn" and it works (at times too well ... it's loud).
No. I just took delivery of this beautiful beast which is a second hand one last night. There is no option for just the horn on the menu. There are two options: parking lamps or Parking lamps plus horn. None of them work but the car locks OK. I wonder if I am doing something obvious wrong. I am usually a 10 out of 10 with cars and trying to work everything out but this has me bamboozled!!!!
Any advice, any help? U guys experience something like this ever? I have no way of knowing whether car locks or not. Real annoying when I have to pull on the door to check it out!!!!!!!!!
I use the Horn-with-Lock feature and have since I bought the car new three years ago. It's always worked fine for me. It is loud though, especially in an enclosed parking structure!

Good Luck with it. The only suggestion I would offer is to try a hard-reset.

Edit: Since you've only had the car two days that may not be helpful. Search these forums for "Hard Reset" and you'll find the procedure. It primarily involves disconnecting and reconnecting one cable under the hood on the passenger side, and then some minor recalibrations to windows and parking brake.


Thank you sir. I will try the hard reset shortly. :)
And, yes. I was wrong about "horn only". It's lamps & horn. Sorry.
To be honest I would to spend time looking into this .
Thanks guys. I made it work although I have no idea how. I just played with the remote, On, Off, On, OFF again and then On and Off in rapid succession, then it worked!!!. I guess I better get used to the Fisker, huh?
Actually, (and this could totally just be a coincidence, but), ... I had a similar (ish) experience this week. I had a remote that has only recently (last month) gotten programmed to my car. It had been working fine, then suddenly on Monday, I came out and couldn't start the car. I tried twice ... waiting the 45 (scorching as it's 115 degrees in my garage!) seconds for the car to go back to sleep in between and reopening the door to wake it back up again. I had to go inside and grab the other key to make the car work. Then, Tuesday, I tried the newer key again, and again it wouldn't start the car. So, I tried to see if the issue was the remote or the car. So, I tried locking/unlocking the doors. I did a bunch of rapid locks/unlocks the first couple didn't seem to work, but the last couple did. And, then I could start the car. Haven't had a problem with the new key fob since.

Guys who know: Could there be anything about rapid lock/unlock with a remote the would "reset" something? Seems like a stretch, yet ... two of us have now had an experience.
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I feel it may be more than a coincidence. As things are working for me now, I don't want to try it again just in case it screws things up but if things stop working I will sure try it again. May be it resets something or tells the car to reset somehow in relation to what the remote is supposed to do? Weird but it worked for two of us now.
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