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Recommendations for chargers?

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I'm planning an installation of a level 2 charger in my garage at home. And I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for (or against) particular chargers?

I know people look for different things in their chargers. The ability to program the charger for certain hours or to turn it on/off remotely via a smartphone app doesn't hold that much appeal for me. What does appeal to me is a charger that would not require me to handle the cord itself after it has been dragged across the floor of the garage (I'm a bit of a germ-phobe and hand washer).

I noticed the GE Wattstation Pedestal has a retractable cord. It's also quite beautiful. Does anyone out there have any experience using it?

Also, as other fiskerbuzz members have noted, Control Module Industries makes a nifty overhead charger with a retractable cord. Does anyone have one of these in their garage?

Thanks in advance for any information/opinions/recommendation!!
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I have the Control Module Industries charger in my office garage. It works perfectly and I am very happy with it, the cord issue is nonexistant with this charger. Mine unlocks and drops the cord with a card key sensor. If I was doing it over again I would have it operate like a garage door, and program it into my remote button. The way I have it set up is useful if I want to share the charger with someone, like a client, who I would give a "key" to.

I use the Fisker charger at home, again with no problems. You do see the cord, but the curly way it contracts makes for a neat presentation on my wall, especially as I had it installed a high enough so it would not be draging on the ground when not in use. Actually, I never touch the cord part of it, just the plug portion. That model doesn't need any winding, or anything other than just hang it back up.

Much more hygenic in every way than the gas pump!
EVer1 said:
Much more hygenic in every way than the gas pump!

And that was smart of you to have the charger installed high enough that the cord wouldn't drag on the ground. Clever.
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