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I took my Karma to Naples Motorsports (FL) yesterday and they told me that my "REAR TIE ROD ENDS" were coming apart. I assume that these are the same things as per this post (to be honest, I only thought tie rod ends were in the front and part of the steering - silly me). They quoted me $300 to fix them (which is always at least $100 lower than the actual bill). They indicated this is a 'yellow' item and doesn't have to be fixed right away, but I will put it on my have-them-to-do list, but I need clarification from the community. When the service center says "REAR TIE ROD ENDS" do they mean these rear bushings? Could they be the source of a creaking noise I sometimes get when turning a tight corner in the parking lot?

Yes, of course I will reach out to Naples Motorsports but I think I need a spot of education beforehand from the community!

Thanks in advance.

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