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Didn't you get the message that the Fisker repair shops don't like it when you work on your own cars? Shame on you for not giving your entire paychecks to the only people that know how to work on these. Just wait until the rumors that you got sued for showing someone how to work on their car. That is a comedy routine for sure.
Nice reply. Fwiw I offer to rebuild the tie rods in exchange for the cores. I have also sold the boots to people, as well as the control arm bushings that I took the time and expense to make. Maybe before criticizing us Fisker Specialists you understand where we came from and the countless, thousands of hours I alone have given to the brand and its owners. My phone rings all day with people from all over the world seeking advice, parts, direction. You act like we are making ourselves rich off of Fisker owners, I welcome you to come spend a few days in my shoes, in fact my shop doors are always open for any one to come see how we operate. I make less working on these cars than I did as a lead tech with Volvo. Come sit in my office as I help people online, on the phone, or when they stop in the shop and ask how to do something. I sent service instructions to 3 customers yesterday alone. So you want me to spend 5-10 years losing my ass figuring out a complex one of a kind vehicle with zero support from a bankrupt company, and then just give that knowledge away for free to some dude that scooped up a cheap Karma that needs work so he can flip it or generally profit off of my knowledge. Its my business and source of income for my family, Name me a business where they develop methods and parts and give them away for free or little profit.
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