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2012 Fisker Karma EcoChic
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Good day fellow Fisker owners! I am new to the forum as well as a first time Fisker owner, #1021. I am the second owner of this amazing Ecochic with 7,300 miles and excited to learn and share here.

I researched existing posts prior to making this one yet did not find one relatives to this topic.

I have a question regarding a mechanical noise from the rear of the vehicle. I am accustomed to the odd sounds & nuances the vehicle has however, something new has developed. I had the original tires replaced this week however, when I left the tire shop there was a ‘clanking’ noise from what sounds like the left rear axle shaft. It only occurs when leaving from a complete stop or at very slow speeds so one would assume it has something to do with energy loading.

My question is: Has anyone here faced a similar issue? If so, what did you learn and what would you recommend? Thank you!
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