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I wouldn't want critical functionality in my car reliant on a 3rd party product where Fisker has zero control of the total software stack, and no control of obsolescence of the device. I plan to hold onto my Karma for many years, tablets are obsoleted within 1-3 years (go and try to buy or find support for an Apple product more than 3 years old, or find parts for an Apple PowerPC Mac). No thanks, IMHO.

Having a BT interface where 3rd parties can tap into diagnostic, remote start and power consumption information would enable some 3rd party to write apps to provide novel functionality, but I really want my critical automotive functionality running in a controlled software environment, not on iOS (case in point, my iPad and iPhone reset randomly, I don't recall anyone here having their *entire command center* reset randomly, despite all the SW issues - and yes, Android is just as shaky...).
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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