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RDM failure, transaxle failure?

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I haven't driven my car in about a week, I noticed today a new symptom and am not sure what it is or how serious :

When accelerating hard from a stand still I hear a loud "clunk" from the rear. If i accelerate slowly from a stand still I do not hear it.

if I am coasting very slowly and "blip" the accelerator by pressing it quickly to the floor and immediately releasing I also hear the "clunk" from the rear.

If I am moving say above 10mph and press the accelerator hard - I do not hear it.

I do not hear it in reverse (I think)

There are no CEL or other warnings lights.

My car has about 19k miles

Has anyone experienced these issues? Any ideas?

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My guess is a motor getting ready to spin out, or something inside the RDM.

I'd have it diagnosed before too long. If it does happen to be the motor and it spins on you, not only will be stranded, it could also damage the RDM beyond use as well, making the repair even more costly.
Thank Lormax. I sent you a PM.
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