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Ray Lane Interview

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I came across this interview with Mr. Ray Lane today... I know that some of you will be interested in what Mr. Lane has to say.

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David Harris Fisker Automotive
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I thought his comments about Fisker offering six car model variants was interesting.

There will be three variants of Karma:
K1: The Fisker Karma sedan we all are patiently waiting for
K2: The shooting brake version (Ray Lane also referred to it as a station wagon)
K3: The convertible, which we've seen as the Sunset concept car

There will be three variants of Project Nina as well:
N1: Is the smaller sedan based on the same powertrain intended to with BMW and Mercedes cars in the $50K range. Ray Lane didn't feel the Chevy Volt was a competitor here and didn't mention the Tesla S. The N1 will "share DNA" with the Karma and will be the volume driver.
N2, N3: He wasn't specific but mentioned that an upcoming SUV would be an important vehicle worldwide for Fisker
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