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Question for those who took delivery

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My wife and I were earlier adopters of the Chevy Volt (#1386). We had one battery cooling issue in the first week of ownership which GM addressed immediately. The car has been reliable and issue free since then. We've owned it since last April and it has over 10K miles on it.

I've been perusing the forum for a week or so while I wait for our Karma SE (#49) to get the new battery pack so I can take delivery. Are most of you who have taken delivery experiencing problems, or are there an unlucky few who seem to have received a bad car?

I've been anxiously waiting for the car and hoping I have a "Volt-like" experience. Am I too optimistic?
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I think so far there have not been 'an unlucky few' with a bad car, but just 'an unlucky one': Brian. The other cars, as far as I call tell, have had only a few or no problems.
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