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my German dealer just informed me, that my Karma will be delivered in 3 weeks (week 19).

I have some questions about the Insurance

1. There seems to be no insurance company, which has listed the Karma yet

2. I have 3 other cars listed at two insurance companies, but both of them are refusing to take my Karma under contract. They told me, that there is no experience about possible costs in case of an incident and they will wait… Possibly, I’ll have to go for a flat offer, but where would I get a good quote?

3. I'll need the manufacturer number (Hersteller Schluessel) and the type number (Typ Schluessel). My dealer sent me the ‘1588’ and ‘AAA’ from the KBA (the authority for theses numbers in Germany), but 'AAA' seems not to be a valid type number for any tariff calculator out there

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