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Question about fisker purchase

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Please let me know if anyone has anyone information on this vehicle im am trying to purchase? Also this car has been lowered, can anyone tell me where I can find the factory springs. Here is the vin# YH4K14AA5CA000570. Thank you
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You would need to buy four new struts the springs aren't available separate . I will check,the VIN number for you
The car was sold out of Portland hasn't had any major repairs still needs 520 .
And, how could you conceivably lower it? (Without putting on smaller wheels?)
That car belongs to a custom shop (503 motoring I think is the name) up in Oregon. They do alot of tricked out stuff. Great guys they bought it new and did some custom stuff to it. I did remote diag on it with my scan tool and I believe it needs a CSM in the battery for a check engine light.
I would be interested in trading you my stock springs for yours. Is the one you are interested in have stock wheels/tires? I have those too for sale. They are more than likely lowered professionally which requires a machine to stretch them then cut them back down.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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