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Programming the garage door opener

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This might be kinda stupid, but I can't get the garage door opener to program, and don't know if it's me or the car.

I followed the instructions in the booklet, but it didn't work, so I moved on to the "Learn" option (my garage door has a "learn" button, so that makes sense). After that, though, the instructions became very confusing; it says to hold the programmed remote in for 2 seconds, 4 times, but never says to press the remote in the car! So I have no idea how it's supposed to program.

Would someone be so kind as to give me better instructions on how to program the garage door opener, presumably using the Learn function? TIA!
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I recommend downloading the specific PDF manual for the opener you have and reading it very closely (in conjunction with the Karma instructions). There is no silver bullet - just follow the instructions to the letter.
Just goto YouTube there are videos on how to do it. I believe it's a GM mirror

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I believe the rear view mirror is manufactured by Gentex NVS and is sold through Mito Corporation as model 50-GENK40A. Check out:
Search these forums. There were several threads from around 2 years ago talking about how the actual process is different than what the book says.

Edit: Here you go:

Thanks, guys, it's working now! Grebechini's instructions in the link from LonePalmBJ were dead-on.

For any future readers, this was for a Chamberlain garage door opener.
does the karma opener also work on the european cars?

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