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Production of second Karma-model starts next year

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Switzerland: Fisker Karma derivative for 2011 IAA

''At the Geneva Motor Show, Barney Koehler, chief operating officer, Fisker Automotive, told that the first of two Karma derivatives will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011. This model will precede the Sunset, the convertible version of the Fisker Karma.

When asked if the Sunset will be the second car to be launched by Fisker, Koehler replied, "No. After Karma, there will be another car, which we are launching in Frankfurt this year, and selling six months later. Then there will be Sunset, one year later. We have one platform for Karma and two derivatives, meaning a total of three body styles." When pushed on what the company's second model will be, Koehler refused to elaborate. "We are not saying anything. We want to keep it under wraps. It's a good-looking car, and our dealers are going crazy about it. They love it, and they love the fact that it will be available so soon." The car will be built by Valmet at its Uusikaupunki plant in Finland. "All the Karma derivatives will be built at Valmet."

In an interview to be published shortly on, Koehler also confirmed that the first vehicle to be built off the company's second platform - currently known as project Nina - will go into trial production later in 2011 at the company's Delaware, US plant. "In the last quarter of this year, I will build the first test and prototype vehicles for Nina." Full production of the as-yet unnamed model will begin at the end of 2012.

Like the Karma, there will be several body styles for the Nina. "For Nina, we will do the same: one platform, and different derivatives." Furthermore, Koehler confirmed that Fisker is planning a third platform to follow the Nina.

The company has worked hard on preparing the former GM plant for the production of Fisker vehicles, including selling off usable, unwanted machinery left by the plant’s previous owners and recycling everything else that remained. The company is working closely with manufacturing experts and consultants, including Valmet, to ensure optimum use of the facility in terms of efficiency and sustainable manufacturing.''


I'm guessing this second model is going to be a coupe (a wagon and MPV being the other, more unlikely options). This artist impression based on the Sunset convertible would be an inspiring starting point:

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