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Probably very stupid question

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We all are worried that one day our cars need expensive repairs. That is probably the reason why Fisker owners sell their cars so cheap. And I understand that for example the battery cost quite a lot, but why do the rdm (splines) cost such a fortune to repair? Is there no possibility to do this less expensive, probably not ... And do we now allready know if our extended warranty is for all owners or only for owners with the upgraded rdm only?
I love this gorgeous car, and I am happy with the new karma automotive company, I just hope they keep us owners in the possibility to keep our car running in an affordable way, without the fear of paying fortunes ...
Karma automotive, please listen to our prayers :confused:
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I would suggest for a start that you express this on THEIR website! :)
I do the RDM and motor rebuild for 40% of the cost of new and it cost me a small fortune to have components reverse engineered to do so. The labor is immense and even if repetitive it still requires the utmost concentration. Not a repair I'd consider cheapening unless you feel I should find cheaper splines and bearings and remove the guarantee...isn't that what got the rdm in this position in the first place?
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