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Proactive Communication from Fisker

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Fisker has been rightly chided for their "radio silence" and the lack of transparency and information they have shared with deposit holders and people who have ordered vehicles. With the exception of David Harris who participates here on Fisker Buzz the only communication most people have received was delivered indirectly through their dealership, and the dealers themselves seem to be operating on limited information. That's what makes this an even more significant, and hopefully positive sign: Fisker called me.

Last Friday I received a message from Dan in Fisker's Consumer Affairs department. He indicated that he was calling to check-in with me to see how things are going, to find out if I'd been in contact with my dealer about production dates, or to discuss any questions or concerns I might have about the process, the car, charging stations, etc. He left a number, 855-347-5371 (855-FISKER1) which happens to be the number for Fisker Consumer Affairs and Fisker Roadside Assistance (who knew?)

I spoke to Dan a few days later. It was a brief call, but I was gratified to find out he actually knew about me and the specifics of the car I have on order. It occurred to me that it was the first evidence I had that my dealership actually sent in an order and didn't just pocket my deposit money :)

Dan didn't have a lot of details about the production date for my specific vehicle - he referred me to my dealership - but spoke in general about production date guidelines and that the first wave of customer cars would be produced in the August and September timeframe, which aligns with information I've seen from my dealership and elsewhere. (My dealer had told me my production date will be 9/23/2011) He confrmed that the car would be delivered with a 2012 model year designation.

He also said that while the official guidance on delivery is 4-6 week after production he's been telling people to expect delivery around the end of November or early December. I asked him why the later delivery date and he mentioned that he was just 'playing it safe'. The sense I got wasn't that he had any information it would take longer than 4-6 weeks, but that since Fisker had already missed a number of deadlines he wanted to build in a buffer for himself when setting expectations.

Overall, I didn't learn anything new but it was nice to hear directly from Fisker and to have them confirm the information I'd received from my dealership.

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Fabulist said:
@Brent: I got the same call from Fisker's Consumer Affairs Department back in March. The main point of the call was to make sure I get my order in time to get on the first production batch. Since then, I have emailed them on a couple of occasions and they have been pretty responsive, but unable to provide much additional information. The dealers seem to have better information at this point.

-- Fab.
Better luck than me! No calls from Fisker or my dealer. I proactively call my dealer every other month or so. I'm lower down the deposit list though (Jan. 2010). The worst part is that I'm in New England will likely get delivered a car in the dead of winter when it is undriveable. Ugh...
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