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I have been experiencing an odd phenomena in my Karma that no one else has yet mentioned. Just wanted to see if this is a general issue or specific to my car.

I usually only notice this in the evenings when I am driving home from work. At random intervals the D light in the PRND controller goes very bright and then goes back to normal intensity. I have not detected any specific pattern to this and I am sure it happens during the day as well but I just don't notice it because I am looking at road, but at night, the flare is bright enough to catch my attention.

Because of the random nature of this issue, it is unsafe for me to even try to get a video of it while I am driving.

Has anyone else noticed this, or is this just a bad connection in my car?

-- Fab.

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This is a common occurence, a lot of cars have this. I talked about it with one of the Fisker-engineers yesterday. It is not a serious problem, but a distracting one. They are looking for a solution, which should be in one of the updates. By the way, I haven't seen it anymore since 6.14 was installed.
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