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Parts needed

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If any member needs a particular part for the Karma please post it here this way some of us who still work for dealerships or have contacts with parts suppliers can try and get the part for you.

Not sure a Mod will do this but maybe make this thread a sticky to keep it alive ?

Also if their is any part you may think you would like please post that .
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Does anyone have the parts required for the door ring recall
Yes I do but I can give you way to secure the loops you have now matter of fact I was the one who came up with the repair before the new loops were made . Even better its free and only involves installing a tie wrap to keep the cable ball in place . I will try and take a picture of one tomorrow when I get into work .
Does anyone have a passenger door mirror streamlining cover for sale? Just the cover, the mirror is okay. Electric gate hit the mirror cover and broke it in half. It was knocked off the car, but the Xpel clear wrap held the two parts together, and I think I can get it fixed and painted if a new one isn't available. The local dealer is searching too.
Bert I had some requests for them Fisker doesn't have any available I will email my dealer network and see what I come up with . You know they don't come painted ?
Harleyguy & karmaman:

My dealer is still looking, meanwhile a local body shop says they will repair the old one for $400. I'll give them another day or two.
I'll keep you posted.
PM set located one
Anyone that has a cracked center muffler my dealership now carries the Bosal muffler
We just got a good amount of front end parts in a car we had in the body shop was totaled and they won't be needing the parts . The car was hit in the front so I have everything from the front bumper back up to the front of the engine . Grills/ supports / Front Bumper/ Lower air dam /ETC these are all new parts in boxes
There are parts that were warrantied that may be repairable. However most dealers scrapped the parts when Fisker did not call them back. Anyone with dealer connections that can get ANY or locate ANY should report them here.
Ive contacted all my local dealers and for the most part they sent back back all warranty parts before Fisker closed .
Which parts? I need Earth and Silver Wind paint pens too.
The parts inventory that was issued to the dealers when we fisrt opened .I would say about 70% of the parts they have for sale you would have no use for . They do have some good parts .Rims/ Tires / Key Fobs / Brake pads it would be a investment around $6000.00 to $7000.00
While investigating windshield washer fluid evaporation I noticed that my front left damper has oil on it, which means it is just a matter of time before it fails. Does anybody know what dampers are fitted to Karma and their part number? Many thanks!
Are you talking about the left front shock ?
Thanks Greg for the pictures what's the plan new RDM and traction motors ?
No one knows how well it will hold up. Like so many things Fisker it has not been tested. I only know that the hardened spline motors tend to sing louder on deceleration in most cases. I was loctiting the motors for the noise in Europe because of high speed singing from the harder motor splines. I think they started hard splines around VIN 1800. Ideally you Loctite all the soft ones for durability, and the hard ones if the noise drives you nuts. Lormax is in Chicago with a motor that I would normally replace. He will try to Loctite it and hope it holds. Ill see if I can upload it also.
Just got off the phone with him his rebuilding Rdm's while I tackle rebuilding HV batteries we will meet someone in the middle
I developed power steering issues which I am being told at this point is due to a leaking rack & pinion. Anybody knows how difficult it will be to (1) find and (2) replace this? Is this something that can be corrected without replacement? Is the part a Fisker original or a BMW part? Any input will be appreciated.
The steering rack is a GM steering rack If you like a price on a new one i will PM you
I am looking for a passenger side gas cap, mine went mysteriously missing today. Just wanted to see if anyone had one before I just go ahead and make one. Preferably silver wind but any color will do.

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Maybe you can find one in Key West
I need a set of passenger side front and rear door skins and possibly a rocker panel. Email me at [email protected]
Skins will never happen maybe a complete set of doors. A car we had in the body shop for six months finally was picked up by the insurance company . I would keep am eye out for it on CoPart .
I have an original fisker set as well as trunk mat for sale. Email to Am78209
FYI Stuart is no longer at SV and they have no floor mats.
Dave if you need a set of Fisker original mats I can give you a dealers number who shows they still have sets of mats . Matter of fact another forum had the same request and bought a set from this dealer .
I'm working on getting one matter of fact give me your email address please not sure the time frame yet but Ive located the car that we are planning to buy for parts and I know it still has the doors on it .
It has a New HV battery in it . Sold by North Shore
Not such a great buy I know dealers that still have them selling new in box for $159.00
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