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Opinions please?

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I am a new owner:

My Vin ends with 1192.

With the exception of the software update is there another way to check compliance with the "Critical items" on my Fisker other than to ask the PO?

With my VIN # of 1192, should I be overly concerned with the RDM/TM issue?

Critical items
- HV Battery – A123 supplied Fisker with batteries that had faulty hose clamps which made the battery subject to eventual failure; the recall was for nearly all cars of all VINs and should have been completed

- RDM/TMs (traction motors) – Early VINs (under [1,200] or so) had RDMs with soft splines which over time and extended use, could lead to a powertrain failure. Also, earlier VINs (under [1,000]) also had a different clip on the RDM which could cause a failure of the parking pawl

- Cooling fan – One of the cooling fans in the ICE area was prone to failure, causing the infamous fires in Texas and California; all Karmas should have had the fan replaced

- Muffler – Fisker switched muffler suppliers from Stillen to Bosal in VINs starting roughly at [1,000]; Bosal mufflers are more robust and have a much lower failure rate

*Sorry for the neewbe question but I'm sure the wealth of information here will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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@Skyguyz - congratulations. You've certainly hit on the potential areas that could be problems. However, your car may never have any problems. Do you live near a CSP?
Go to

place your VIN in the box provided for the history and any recalls/updates done to the vehicle. Hope that helps.

I have VIN xx 15xx, it has the original muffler. So the cut over may be later.

Congrats Good looking color.
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