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OEM Winter Tires

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For sale 6 NEW OEM winter tires :

3x21" Front Yokohama Winter tires brand New
3x21" Rear Yokohama Winter tires brand New

400$ each $US Fob Montreal Canada.

Please look for pictures in Photo Gallery ( No more Mags Sold )
Thank you.
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Hi Ccoinc; I have posted about this before, and will post again. If these tires are around 4 years old, which will be stamped on their sidewall (date of manufacture is stamped on all sidewalls), you need to be very careful in selling them as they are indeed OLD, and could be past the sell by date. Usually, all tire shops do not sell tires older than 3 years, or even two years old as the rubber changes composition. Not stopping you from selling them, but buyer beware as old tires do not act or behave like new ones. Sorry, had to post as it is a safety matter.
At least this is a Maple Leaf on Maple Leaf confrontation!:angel:
Hi DHH, Far from a confrontation, I am not telling people not to buy them, I am simply saying there is a sell by date on tires and usually 4 years is old, and they could be perfectly OK for all I know. It is a case of buyer do your due diligence before you reach out for the dollars!. Many people are unaware of tire issues and old tires regardless of whether they are indeed old new tires. Rubber changes composition and ask any tire shop and they will tell you they clear their tires every two years for fresh stock sold or unsold. Safety related issues should be anyone's concern and not mine. My Maple Leaf is extended in peace indeed, lol!.
F Z - I agree with your tire assessment
Thank you. As I said, it was neither personal nor trying to be clever. Just good old common sense.
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