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My husband and I got our Karma on the 23rd. (Yes, I am a female. Not sure there are many of those on this forum.) I don't think either of us has stopped smiling since then and it has been a great Karma week. The good feelings were a bit dampened when the PRND fault and CEL came on the 2nd time we drove it, but we removed the fault thanks to the information provided on this forum. And we are learning to live with the CEL until the car goes in for 6.20.

We have laughed at restaurant staff trying to be inconspicuous in their trips to check out the car, people hanging cell phones out their windows to get pictures, cars backing up in the middle of the road to see the back of the car, etc.....

Thanks to all on this forum for sharing your experiences. Your comments (both positive and negative) were very much a part of the buying process for us and you helped ease some of the anxiety about purchasing a brand new model from a brand new company. Pictures coming soon.
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