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Hi everyone,

I just had a complete failure while on the hwy and the car went into limp mode. I was able to do a hard reset but now my car won’t go off the flashing Ready and go into Drive or Reverse. I’ve tried to hard reset it about 10 times but no luck.

On top of that, when I towed the vehicle to The BMW Store (the only Karma service centre here in Vancouver) they said as of April 1 they are no longer a Karma service center and had to return all their diagnostic gear back to Karma so they couldn’t even scan the vehicle to see what was wrong.

They gave me Karma Automotive’s head office number to call who just told me that “as a contractual arrangement with Fisker, we are no longer able to support the 2012 models.”

Anyone have any suggestions or heard anything? Right now I have a very nice piece of driveway furniture :(
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