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Anyone know when Fisker will open up deposits/booking for Nina?
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Dutch said:
Great, I heard it is a beautiful car. But we'll have to wait another year before we get to see it.
And then how many more years until the real deliveries? ;)
rahul said:
- I do want a Ev Hybrid that is fun to drive and sexy, not the ugly volt's, leafs and priuses that we have today.
- The idea of an all battery powered car like tesla makes me nervous.
I don't find the Volt "ugly" per se, it's just ... ordinary and boring, like any other Chevy sedan, or Toyota family sedan, etc.

I like the Model S on specs (would have to see it in person to be sure about that), but have similar reservations about battery-only, especially since there is nothing in the way of EV infrastructure between here and the Boise area (younger brother's place). I have not seen the Nina but I'd bet it looks better than the Model S too. :D

Anyway, I gave in to temptation and ordered the Karma, so... !
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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