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Newbies: Update to car I'm selling for a client

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Selling a Deep Ocean Blue / Monsoon tritone ecosport. 15k. Serviced by FiskerPhilly since new. New RDM/motors. Hv battery in good shape, all upgrades done,510 sw all recalls, lug nuts, PRND switch etc I've spoken to the owner of this car and he said he'd take 54k for it. Its a good car to buy as I'd give it my blessing.
owner says he'd take $54k.
He's shipping it down to me this weekend for service so I will have the car if you have any questions or want to come see it.
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Bummer, 2 hours too late...Would have been nice to have the motors not be a worry.
a few quick pics of the car

Heres a few shots I grabbed last time I had the car in.
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