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New Warning Display

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I was driving home this evening in Stealth/Hill 2 mode and without warning a Red Triangle with exclamation point in the middle started flashing just above the word Stealth in the center display area, just a little under were the CEL display happens. There was also an alarm tone that sounded each time the Triangle flashed, about once every two seconds. After I shut the car off the triangle went out but the audible alarm kept going. Has anybody seen this, any idea what it means?

Follow up. This morning the car seems to boot up properly however the Ready Light is blinking and the car will not go into gear. It's dead in my driveway. HELP.
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If you want to know the nature of the warning (which could ofcourse be viable), click on the lowest button in the menu on the left side of the command center, in order to go to the diagnostics screen. This button will probably be orange. If you then push the button in the submenu that is also orange you will probably find the cause of the warning.
What Dutch said.
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