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New review from Autoblog

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Some excerpts:

Three journalists and a Fisker representative piled into the car, and I spent the first several minutes wedged into the right rear seat. Like the rest of the car, it was better than expected ... not especially roomy for a 6-foot, long-legged
male, but not uninhabitable.
The only major difficulty was extracting my feet from under the front seat when it was time to disembark.

Then it was my turn to drive. The controls and instruments were unconventional but easy to learn and use. The driver's seat was supportive and 6-way-adjustable. The available acceleration, even with four aboard, was strong. Despite the car's prodigious weight, the Brembo brakes were also strong (and fairly linear) when needed, with just a hint of noticeable transition from regen to friction. Can't comment on cornering, since I never got a chance.

The cabin design is modern and pleasing – founder Henrik Fisker is a gifted designer, so likely had much to say about it as well as the long, sensuous, bulge-fendered body) – and suitably plush for the price. Perhaps my biggest surprise was the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder range-extender engine's unobtrusiveness when it ran.

As of early October, he said, it had some 400 employees (98 percent in the US), 196 suppliers (90 US-based) and 79 retail outlets in 16 countries, including 46 in the US. It also had 155 patents and patents pending.
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