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Hello everyone.

I just purchased a perfect Eco-sport in Shadow with Monsoon tri-tone.
Only 5,100 miles. It will be delivered in a short while.
It comes with lo-jack and car cover and current firmware update.
Quick question; With the current update, (520) is the command center considerably better then the first version in 2012?

Thanks in advance.


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Congratulations, you have the most beautifull car of the world. Welcome to this family! :)
The command center interface is unchanged from 510, 520, and 530 (the one coming out in a couple months). 540 (the next one we have to pay for) is supposed to work on the interface.
Welcome to the Forum and congratulations! What a stunning color combination!
Such a toy! Congrats on your purchase - the car is gorgeous. Do you have any particular mods in mind for it yet or plan to keep it stock?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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