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Hello all,

I just purchased my first Fisker Karma this month. I bought it as a replacement for my short commute daily driver Cadillac ELR which I sold to my son who needed a car. I spent a lot of time reading on the forums here before I bought the car and hopefully I gained enough from reading everyone's experiences here to have checked the car out completely before buying. Its a beautiful machine and even though it has a few glitches here and there I appreciate it for what it is. This car gets a lot of looks around town and at work when I pull up to the charging stations between the obligatory half dozen Teslas, couple of Volts, Volvos, and the odd BMW 530E. I do my own work on my vehicles and have a very well stocked and appointed garage so I plan on using this forum for pointers for regular maintenance and If/when anything goes wrong with the car.

North Carolina weather should be kind to the car in terms of wear and tear and battery life.
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