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It's always great to see new and prospective owners taking advantage of the vast body of knowledge that is represented by the membership of this forum and we are all happy to help current and future Karma enthusiasts.

There are a couple of resources already available on the Forum that will help you collect some of this information without having to ask. Since a lot of this information is already covered, often multiple times, in existing posts, it would save you a lot of time to read what's already posted, and then ask follow-up or more specific questions.

  1. VIN Lookup
    If you have the VIN for the car(s) you are considering, you can very quickly get whatever information there is in Fisker's database about the car by doing a VIN Lookup here. This will give you information about various campaigns that have been done for the car you are asking about, including recalls. The information is not always complete, but it will give you a starting point.
    The link for this service has been down recently and the VIN lookup is not working. The only current option is to contact Karma Automotive directly or to contact a dealer or certified service provider. Will post an updated link if the service is restored.

    1/5/2017 Update from Karma Automotive:

    Owners can enter their VIN on the following page to find information about recall campaigns: Should any further vehicle-specific information be required, owners are welcome to contact Client Services via email ([email protected]) and we will gladly assist where possible.

  2. Buyer's Preliminary Checklist
    The Forum members have compiled, and continue to update, a Buyer's Checklist for people considering the purchase of a Karma. Again, it does not cover every bit of information you need, but it gives you the general issues to consider before committing to a purchase.
  3. Warranty Information
    Since Fisker was reorganized through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, there have been a lot of discussion about reinstating some portion of the warranty. The most recent information on this topic can be found here and here. The situation is still in flux, so this is definitely not the last word on the subject, but it should at least give you some idea about what questions to ask.
    As part of the post-Bankruptcy reorganization, Karma Automotive offered a limited service program that covered some of the repairs on existing Fisker Karmas. That program has now ended and no warranty is available on existing cars. Karma also offered a Certification program and a limited two-year warranty on existing Karmas and for used cars offered for sale by dealers, and some dealers may still have certified used Karmas in their inventory that come with a limited 2-year warranty. Other than cars already certified under that program, no other warranty covers Karmas, nor does Karma Automotive offer any warranties for purchase on existing 2012 Fisker Karmas.
  4. Searching the Forum for additional information
    If what you are looking for is not covered by the two links above, you can try and search the forum for posts that contain the information you are looking for, such as "winter tires" or "paint codes", etc. The Search command is on the same page that lists all the forums and is very easy to use.
  5. Watch This Video
    This video was released by Fisker Automotive when the cars started shipping in 2012. While some of the information in it is more marketing than fact, for the most part, it is a very good high-level introduction to the Karma and answers a lot of basic questions that new owners tend to have when they first encounter the Karma. It is definitely worth every minute of its 15 minute running time:
  6. Check Karma Automotive's Website for Official Service Providers
    One of the questions that comes up frequently is a variation of "Is there a certified service provider in my area?" This information is available directly from Karma Automotive here, and the list changes from time to time, which makes the list more authoritative and up to date than member's information.
  7. Ask
    None of this is meant to discourage anyone from asking any question, and if you can't find the information you are looking for, or get a lot of information, none of which seems relevant, please ask the members. They have always been very generous with their time and expertise, and will be happy to answer yours too. When you do, please make sure you include your physical location, and your car's software version. This will help focus the responses and reduces the need for follow up questions.

Thank you,
Your humble moderator.
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