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New member from South Florida

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Just joined - going to be actively looking for a Fisker Karma in about a month - Black/Black with the all-Black interior.

I'll be looking to meet some of the local members here in South Florida at their convenience and/or get a pm or conversation going about + and - of the car. And I'll be looking to Harleyguy for service if he's interested.

And fwiw - my business is a large seller of factory wheels and I think we have some Fisker wheels in-stock right now if anyone needs one at a good price.

ok - Thanks!

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Very useful website - my thanks to the mods and site owner! Also thanks to HarleyGuy and Lormax for their generous contributions.
Hey.....Welcome to the Fisker World from Boynton Beach......Good luck searching for your black beauty!!!!! I did alot of homework on my 2 cars so feel free to ask any questions...Hope you love yours as much as I do......Elyse Curcio
Welcome. I am in Naples, FL (Fisker is in Ohio now). Hope to meet you some day.
Thank-you Elyse!
Let us know when you find your car so we can set up a south FL group meeting!
Harleyguy , where did you set up this thread for the South Florida meet? I'm in Coral Springs looking forward to a meet.
Hi Fyre238....Congrats on the new car!!! Looking forward to the South Florida meetup. Have a great weekend
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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