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I just wanted to introduce myself. I currently do not own a krama, so lets get that our of the way. However I did buy a lot of drive-train parts from a junk yard. I guess you would ask y somebody would bother to do that.

1. What we are working on is the modification kit that will allow karmas to use Tesla batteries and converters. At the moment a lot of research was done and we can control tesla motors with a Chevy and also a Prius controller, but we stop short when we got to the karma brain since we dont have one.

2. Most of the chevy volt and tesla parts can be used on the Karma with small kits that we can make in order to make that possible. Regenerating Brakes and combustion engine parts and sensors.

3. Body panels are hard to find, and with 8 years and counting on making carbon fiber parts, I think that we will be able to remake almost every panel on these cars and fulfill any order within two weeks.

4. At the moment in the shop we have 8 - 3d printers, two laser cutters and other tools we use to prototype almost anything. This will allow us to recreate any part of the car or find a distributor with a part that will match.

I am currently working in finding a salvage karma that we can reverse engineer. Unfortunately with only around 2000 on the road we are not sure this effort will even cut close a profitable business. I will get back here once I can get enough funds to get a salvage karma and get to work. Till then we will keep working on the conversion driver train. I know the new Karma should be making parts by the end of the year but that is only something everybody is hoping for.

I wish you all the best and dont hate on the fisker corporation for failing, karma might have a lot of issues, but i am sure that they can all be worked out.

O yea for the missing air control panels, we are looking to create a panel that will drop in place of the useless battery window above the sifter. 3d cad designs and pcb converters are on the works.
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