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New Fisker Buzz header

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We now have a new forum header created from an excellent photo taken during a meeting of Karma owners in Northern California.

Thanks to @Fabulist, @marswill, @Dave_Car_Guy, @dennis, @skibum and @pythagorus, whom met for lunch and Fisker talk in Redwood City:

We plan to continually incorporate the community into the forum header. On your next Fisker gathering, take a hi-resolution photo and we will update the header.

Visit the Fisker Buzz regional club forums to organize your next local gathering:
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Great shot. Fab, for some reason I just never thought of you in a coat and tie (I'm assuming that's you in front of the Eclipse). I also notice there is only one with a front license plate. I'd love to do a shot like this in the Colorado Mountains, but I've yet to come across any other owners. Someday, perhaps...
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