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Navigation screen white out

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I have 16,000 miles on my Karma and had been doing great until 3 days ago!
Every thing is fine as I start driving, the infotainment screen turns on- I agree, music starts playing from usb and a few minutes later I hear one small thump from the back like you you would hear from a subwoofer which is shorted or turned on and then the touch screen goes white and stays that way until I shutdown and restart the car. The same process has repeated at random intervals several times so far; i do see the logo appear on start up and go on all the way to full boot and i will be able to access all controls until it goes blank(white) again!
I have tried hard reboot a few times- did not fix it. I pulled out the rear passenger seats and checked some plugs under the seats and they seem to be all connected with no loose ends. I do not know how to access the wire cords that go in the rear trunk and did not dare to try. I checked all the fuses in the black box with in the hood and they all are intact.
If any of you had similar experiences pleas share. If any of you have a solution to this problem, and would like to share i would appreciate your help. If i cannot fix it myself i would drive up to the dealership 170 miles away and see if they can fix it. May be I can use the 2000$ warranty give back on this one:-/
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Sounds to me like the CIU is going bad check for water on the passenger side floor .Did the problem start after a rain storm ?
Probably not. Though there were rain storms locally, I had sheltered parking. All other systems work fine except the CIU. If it is a 12V battery problem shouldn't it affect other systems, unless the 12 V battery is exclusive for CIU.
I'm having weird problems with the central screen, the stereo and a few things acting like they are not connected. There are no signs of water entry in my car either. I was hearing loud thumping coming from my trunk, as though someone wanted out. A reset fixed that issue but now it sounds as though only the center dash and rear sub woofer speakers are working. I occasionally can't turn the music off at all...even when I pull the reset plug keep splaying. FM stations sound as though no antennae is connected and all station presets are now gone. Navigation give me an error and the direction is only a dash(-). I'm nowhere near any of the warranty locations and I use my car as a daily driver and it's my only a solution would be great.
This morning the FM antenna seems to be working but my backup camera is not. My stereo turned on and off intermittently for a few seconds when I turned the car off. it came back on when I plugged the car in.
I left my car on sport mode for some 4 hours. Next day when i drove it the touch screen worked perfectly for atleast 15 mins. Before that it was turning blank white preceded by a gentle thump from subwoofer. I figure my car's problem lays in the 12V battery as suggested by harley guy. I have bought a trickle(Jump) charger kit and I have currently connected it to the positive and negatives in the hood and I will leave it on for 3 hours. I will see what happens tomorrow. If the battery doesn't hold charge I will just have the battery replaced. Does any one here know a good compatible 12V battery?
If the car drives fine and goes into ready mode fine it's not the 12 volt battery the problem is the CIU . If the CIU doesn't shut off when you turn the car off yes it can kill the 12 volt battery I still feel it's a CIU fault . Unless I missed something with your complant
I agree with you. I am beginning to think its a CIU problem. Trickle charge did not work. CIU still randomly turns white blank a few seconds later or sometimes several minutes later. I have decided to take it to the dealership and see if they can fix it. I have tried everything that I can and I greatly appreciate you all for your time and help. Thank you.
Did you replace the CIU? Does everything working now? The local Fisker service place doesn't have access to a replacement part and suggested they take it to a radio shop for repair. They apparently have another Fisker CIU at a shop. My car is still driveable although the other day I needed to defog my front windshield and couldn't. It was a bit dangerous and I had to pull over for a "reset".
Not fixed yet

I was planning on taking my car to the dealership and them magically the CIU started working again over 90% of the time and with holidays I just decided to keep driving.
Then i ran out of luck yesterday and since yesterday all I see is the fisker Logo and the screen doesn't go any further:( but the car continues to drive well.
I have now decided to definitely take the car to dealership and see if i can have it fixed once and for all.
I picked up my car today from Frank Kent dealership last week. They replaced the CIU and it is working great now. They did not charge me anything for the replacement, labor or for the loaner cadillac I had for over 2 weeks.
Only problem I notice now is that under stealth mode, I do not see the digital spedometer and instead I see a anolog clock kind of display. I was able to have digital speedometer under stealth mode before CIU replacement.
The analog clock was in the very-old software. This means you need to get the 510 (which is still pretty old, but is the newest, not counting the unreleased versions a few people have) software loaded.
Thank you. I will contact the dealership and see if they can do the update.
That is very strange but more then likely when they flashed they CIU they used the early software as mentioned they need to load 510
I picked up my car today from Frank Kent dealership last week. They replaced the CIU and it is working great now. They did not charge me anything for the replacement, labor or for the loaner cadillac I had for over 2 weeks.
If Frank Kent or Fisker Miami open up their tent in the pacific northwest, I will purchase all of my future cars from them. I have learned that the dealer is more important than the car!
When I spoke with the fisker correspondent at Frank Kent dealrship about the analog clock display instead of Digital speedometer, he informed me that the CIU that they replaced is a newer version which Elux plans to use in the new Karmas they plan to manufacture. He said they had trouble connecting to Fisker server and could not determine if there were any software updates and made it sound like all software for the CIU should be uptodate.
I miss my digital speedometer on stealth mode!!! I also do not like the color change during day time from grey shades to whitish and light grey shades
I do not know how to find out what version of software my CIU is running.
The digital speedo is a MUST. I've been programming computers for 35 years, and I swear someday I'm going to start the THAT'S A P.O.S IDEA consulting firm where you explain to companies why dealing with some of the choices they make day in & day out would suck.

Examples: Can't lock the car until all the doors are shut. Can't lock the car without a Remote. Can't open the glove box unless the car is "on". Can't change the screen back to adjust the climate fan/temp while in Reverse. Make the CEL (or any other display) overlay the digital speedometer. Etc, etc, etc ... .

Hey! People making choices for the display! The digital speedometer is the MOST looked at/referenced piece of the display. Consider it paramount!!!
That's ... curious (to put it mildly) that they'd go back to the funky clock in newer software, since "digital speedometer at all times" was one of the most requested items on the Fisker board back when they were taking requests for what should be in newer software (they listened, and put that in 510).

I prefer the digital speedo myself and have since decided that another (not the only other, but AN-other) problem with the analogue one is that the speed indicator doesn't go far enough out, making it very hard to correlate "where it's pointing" with "what the approximate speed is on the outermost round part". That would be fixable, but the digital speedo is just plain superior.
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