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It's been close to a month now owning an Eco-Sport and this is my unbiased opinion. I have owed many high end Italian marques, Lamborghini Murcielago, Gallado, Ferrari 360, Maserati Gran spot, etc. Quality is what I know.
The Karma is unique like no other. I purchased this Karma with 5,100 miles from a private party for $54K and had it shipped cross country, ($1,900.)

The good:

1-Much better road feel than expected.
2-Interior has a lack of plastic and is ergonomically correct.
3-The uniqueness is very apparent.
4-Super smooth, quiet, (Stealth mode) lack of transmission is welcome. The linear acceleration is refreshing.
5-Paint quality is very good.
6- This is a "Statement" vehicle. if thats what you are after.
7-Possibility of customer support increasing at some point.


2-touch screen interface, (*Although not as bad as expected.)
3-rear seat comfort, (well documented.)
4-Panel gaps. Not up to par with a build quality of this caliber.
5- The grille, (See pix for solution)
6 ICE noise under hard acceleration.

The Bad:

1-Battery range.
2-Spurrious engine light that plaques this car and has no known cure.
3-*Tire wear & Factory alignment. (*OEM tires. *Alignment corrected now.)
4-some small issues with unlighted steering wheel buttons, dimming dash lights interface, functionality of Nav.
5-Cost of repair should the drive motor splines fail.
6-110V OEM charging system, (I bought a used e-bay wolf creek 220/240v system and had an electrician install a 220v line in my garage, Total cost: $600.)

Although this karma has a few faults and it is evident that it was released as a beta and or an unproven model, I am impressed with the car as a whole. I love the feel of the stealth mode quietness and coupled with the well appointed interior of the Eco-Sport, I am quite happy with the car.
My "Shadow" has just a bit over 5k miles and still has not one stretch, dent, wear mark of any sort. I was a little apprehensive buying the karma with the "Shadow" exterior color fearing it would be just another "grey" car. It is anything but that. Simply stunning color in the sunlight. You would be hard pressed to say that this peticular karma is anything but new.
The cost of ownership remains to be tested and the reliability issue as well. So far the only major annoyance is the spurious engine light. I would recommend this as a "Buy" in the $50-$58K range. Any car will have faults but from what my research was prior to purchase was not nearly as critical as expected.

Overall grade:

Collectability: B
Reliability: C (Need further testing.)
Build quality: Interior: B+ Exterior C+
Drivability: B+
Styling cues: A-
"Wow" factor B-
User interface: D
Resale: C
Exclusivity: A-

Overall I would give the Eco-Sport a B+

I am happy with my Karma and look forward to each road trip.

*Link to grille post


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Thanks for adding your assessment to the collective knowledge base!! Seems like a thorough go-through and a fair take on things. Although I would say you can't fault the 110 charger... it is what it is (not intended for significant use) at worst it should just be ignored because there is really no way anyone should ever use that type of charger except in emergency. Not only does the 220/240v wall charger charge far faster, it provide a better quality "deeper" charge that, in my experience, enhances the range a bit.

Welcome to the Karma family!! Maybe I should say the Fisker Karma family, since the newer cars next year will be just "Karma". Which might also mean your collectability assessment might become a B+!

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Also, with regard to the Electric Range ... There is an industry graph of % of population vs. daily miles driven. You get around 60% of the population driving 50 miles or less. But, at that point, the curve really flattens out and if you make the car go to 60 miles, you only get another 2-3% ... if you go to 70 miles, again you only pick up another 1-2% of drivers ... and it continues that way. So, your biggest bang for the (battery) buck (and remember this is a 2012 car!!!!) was 50 miles.

I get 200+ MPG with my regular driving. I rarely need to kick in the ICE. And, I like having the battery full every morning when I leave home. If you had more range, you'd tend not to recharge every night ... and find yourself short regularly. So, I honestly think it's a good electric range.

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Here's my take:

Collectability: C
Nothing Iconic about the car despite its looks.(it’s not a Testarossa, NSX, or other car that rocked the industry)
Reliability: C -
I think the battery and list of expensive issues owners have reported in a car under 10k mi is slightly below average and abysmal for a six figure car
Build quality:
Interior: B+
Agree great looking interior and nice material used.The vents (cheap black plastic) could have been much better
Exterior C-
The gaps, popping panels, etc again are sub par at the price point and for a car that looks so nice
Drivability: B
Nice driving car but nothing that is standout.It is smooth (w/o ICE running) and a nice cruiser
Styling cues: A+
The car looks fantastic – so good that even as a harsh critic I overlook it’s major shortcomings
"Wow" factor A
Still too unique and a head turner with concept car styling.As other common cars catch-up style wise (ie Mazda 6) and looks I think the appeal will fade.
User interface: D
Resale: D+
Exclusivity: A+
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