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My Karma won't get out of park to get on tow truck. PLEASE HELP!

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So I received my 2012 Fisker Karma yesterday morning. I bought it from an exotic dealership in Florida. It took 9 days to get to Los Angeles. Once it arrived. The car was filthy and the check engine light was on. I drove it to my auto detailer for much needed TLC. Once they were done. They parked and locked it. When I arrived, the car was DEAD. Car won't open, start or show any sign of life. I used the hard key to manually open the driver side door. Popped the driver side door with the pull cord. I then attempted to jump the car for 3 hours. It started to show signs of life. Lights turn on, AC turns on. But won't shift out of park. It keeps saying "PARKING BRAKE MAINTENANCE REQUIRED". It then changed to "PARK SYSTEM FAULT" I have an appointment set for tomorrow about 76 miles away. But I have no idea on how to get my car onto a flatbed. Has anybody had a problem like this. If so, I'd really appreciate some advice. Call, text or email if possible. 818.652.5189 Robert Sarzo
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OMG, this sounds like a dead 12v battery problem. Try to get in touch with FiskerPhilly or Harleyguy. I'm pretty sure only an authorized Karma Dealer can help you. Replacing the battery usually doesn't help. I think they have to re-flash the computer. Fingers crossed.

car dead

On the passenger side of engine bay is a connector by fender liner midway from front to rear of the car. If you disconnect the two halves and wait ten minutes and reconnect car may come back to life.
As a last resort put rollers under the rear wheels than they can pull it onto the roll back and roll it off same way at service center.
Hope that helps
I spoke with him over the phone. Needs a 12v battery and some programming help after the 12v crashed on the detailer (who's probably leaving out the part of the story about the radio being cranked up for 2 hours with ignition in ACC mode...)
If you have to flatbed that should not be a problem getting vehicle on platform, even if it is locked in park. I have a 54 GMC that dropped a drive shaft and completely froze up.
It took the flat bed driver about 10 minutes to lower and then back up the flatbed platform under the vehicle. Reversed the process on the other end.

On another note your insurance company should cover the cost of the tow to the nearest dealer. I have AAA so they took care of the tow, but your insurance company should also pay. Your choice. In my case (with my Fisker) insurance paid from Bridgehampton NY to FiskerPhilly (200 miles)
Good luck.
Yes. I have seen a GOOD tow truck driver slide his bed as "scoop" a Fisker. Does have to be the right truck and driver. Pulling/sliding it on with the help of the winch is easy but getting it to slide off the bed with gravity is tricky. I advised him to bring some dish soap which is what we use to coat the bed and allows the tires to slide easily.
Thanks for all the help! Finally got it on the flatbed today.

So after 6 different tow truck companies. I found one on my last attempt. I plugged a commercial grade battery charger today. Jumped the 12v battery from the fuse box as described on youtube. I left it on for 2 hours. It gave me just enough power to put the car in neutral so that we could push the car up the hill and out of the detailers shop. Got it on the flat bed and off to Elite Motors in OC. Fingers crossed that it just needs a battery and reset. I will post results.
Not a good experience and this is why it's always best to get some kind of warranty, even if it is for a couple of weeks from the garages that sell these cars, or to go there and thoroughly check out the car and its history. These cars, specially if they've been sitting for a long time, and not cared for through trickle chargers, etc can be a pain to get back to life once dead. Call the guy who sold it to you in Florida and complain.
Post the VIN and we can check the cars history where in Florida was the car sold from .
I bought it from Chariots Of Palm Beach

So the total bill was almost $2,500. Alex at Elite Motors of OC took great care of the car. It's finally looking and running great!!!
So the total bill was almost $2,500. Alex at Elite Motors of OC took great care of the car. It's finally looking and running great!!!
What repairs were done
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