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I don't remember who recommended it, but since I have started turning off the A/C before turning off the vehicle, I don't have to worry about the fans running anymore.

I always back into my garage, so I just turn off the A/C when I shift into reverse. I can then get out, anI can immediately plug in and start charging with no problems. For me, this works even when I am in sport mode when I shut down.


Fabulist said:
Michael said:
I have read the posts now.
Next time i drive on the highway i will use stealth directly, i dont se the need for me to have
the full 403hp using cruisecontrol on the highway:)
Sometimes it is helpful to run the ICE in the middle of a journey and use the battery towards the end to allow the engine to cool down before you plug the car in to recharge it.

My daily commute requires about 7-10 miles of range extension and I do that right when the range drops to around 24-20 Miles. This lets me have the gas engine off for the last 15 minutes of the trip to allow it to cool off before I plug it in at the office.

This way the fans are never running by the time I pull into the charging spot and I don't have to wait for them to stop to start charging the car. Of course, this only works if you know exactly how many ICE miles you would need during your journey. If you are not sure, it's just best to let the car handle it.
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