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My karma running rich

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Hello, about 2 weeks ago I drove thru some rain for approximately 10 min on the way home, next morning on my out about 0.5 miles engine sounded bit louder an usual -and fummy as if the gas isn’t burning right. shortly after running for about 1min on road engine revved for a quick sec and shut off. Immediately was warmed with “performance reduced/triangle sign. I was able to quickly run it back home on stealth mode, left it sitting for 2 weeks untouched with the hood up, thought something got wet possibly need little time to dry off. After the period it sat I did the hard rest, started and did same as before. I’m lost If anyone can point me to what could be the problem or tech locally in the Dallas, Tx area I would truly appreciate it in advance.
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Wow, my bad! I didn’t realize you’re in the Dallas area. I’m in and out of Dallas regularly and will put you on my shortlist to run a diagnostics for you with my Fisker computer next time I’m there.
No worries man. I appreciate the response.
my number is 9725201679. Where are you all based of?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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