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My 1 Million Dollar Fisker Karma!!!

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so the newest numbers out are 750 Karma's have been delivered.. the total cost for developing and producing the Karma was 700-800 million..

How cool is that.. we are all driving million dollar cars right now.. :) Funny thing is I have been playing a game with people.. I have told 5 people that the Karma was 1 Million and three of them believed me.

The numbers really do not add up though.. how much profit is built into the Karma after production etc.. lets say $25k net profit.. they have built a total of 2000 cars. (50 Million Net) delivered 750. (18.75 Million Net)
They have 1 Billion in loans/funding, etc.. (I do not have specifics on their debt)
what is the interest rate on that amount of money? The US borrows money for a little less than 2% so the US Treasury Loans have to be more than that. DOE outstanding simple interest loan @ 2% is roughly 4 Million a year on the $193 million that has been received to date.

So the loan was awarded in 2009.. $193 was used.. 4 million a year in interest... at least 2 years of interest accumulated.. 18.75 million made..

so lets say I want to put up 25 Million.. what is my rate of return..
are any of those specifics published?

haha.. my mind was rolling and I thought I would open the topic for discussion..
thoughts? facts? future?

I have read somewhere that their goal was 10,000 karma's in 2012... they should hit the 1000 mark sometime next month. In order to increase that 10 times would they need to decrease the price? how will that impact the current owners? they are definitely setup to deliver 2500 or maybe 5000 this year. 2000 have been produced, anyone have current production numbers? (25 per week would amount to 1300 per year or 900 more Karma's through 2012) so 3000 made in 2012.. according to reports there are 3000 pre-orders.

anyone have numbers on Leaf's delivered to date? (200 in 2011) Tesla's Delivered? (projected 5000 cars made in 2012?) Volts Delivered? (350 in 2011)

Like I mentioned.. I am opening the dialog because you guys are smart.. I can only research so much by myself...

To tell you the truth I could care less about any of the turf wars on these vehicles... My Karma is the coolest car period, by far.
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Charged in The OC said:
I believe that the forecast for 2012 Karma sales was reduced to 2000, I think or maybe 3000 at most. This is largely because they do not yet have sales in China or India and they won't get approved for sales there until later in the year. Also, its a ramp up thing for dealerships and such. I believe they do forecast 4000 units in 2013 when all markets are open.
From a Bloomberg Businessweek article that was published when the Atlantic was launched earlier this month:

Fisker sold 250 of the cars in March, LaSorda told reporters after the news conference. The company expects to sell 4,000 worldwide by the end of the year, he said.

So the forecast for 2012 is 4000 units, stated publicly by the new CEO. It seems to be a reasonable number, given that they sold 250 Karmas in March, and sales are just ramping up in a number of European countries like Germany. I'd be willing to bet that LaSorda's incentive compensation plan is tied to meeting/beating that number.
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