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Moffett towers Silicon Valley

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Yesterday we figured out that there will be at least 3 Fisker owners working from the Moffett Towers complex in Sunnyvale, CA. Please pipe up if you are one of them. Curious to know who/when/where :) I'm at the Motorola tower and we have 6 (soon to have 8) dedicated Moto charge spots.
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I was working there till last June and didn't notice at other Fisker, i know that marshell moved to work there recently.. who is the 3rd one?
I'll be moving to the newest Moffett Tower early next year. The tower I'll be moving into is still under construction. I'm told they will be installing EV Chargers for our building. I'm with Amazon/Lab126.
I believe Matinik is the third occupant. He told me he is in the Comcast Tower.
Looks like the towers are near the southeast end of the airport. My office HQ is over by the railroad tracks instead (train noise instead of plane noise) ... our building has nothing at all to charge EVs, not even an outdoor 120V circuit. Fortunately the 700 mile commute means I work from home anyway :D
I'm there now - in the Rambus tower next to Moto. @awadding - envious y'all have 8 "always used" chargers (we have none on our side). There's also the 4 spots for Microsoft (almost always empty).
My God - That many Fiskers concentrated in one area!
Must be what it feels like to own a Tesla ;)
you guys can start into looking building a Hydra and sharing the plugs power..
My God - That many Fiskers concentrated in one area!
Must be what it feels like to own a Tesla ;)
there is also a silver one i used to see every wednesday parked at the OptiMedica office which is about a mile from Moffet
Yes, I've only ever seen one car parked in the Microsoft spot and it wasn't even an EV...or I don't think it was. It looked like a pickup truck. It's musical chairs at our building with 22 EVs and currently 6 spots. The Teslas are rarely ever there, as they belong to the execs who are often out of town or aren't even registered to use the stations.
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