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mirror not folding anymore stuck on fold position.

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is this fuse electric issue? tried to physically unfold it .. but look like when it in home position its loose.. not locking:huh::huh: in normal middle position
dont care about folding .. is there a way to lock it in the middle again
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Only way it will lock into position is using the switch that controls the mirrors . The mirror assemblies are available the expensive part is the mirror they cost between $500.00 and $600.00 compared to the side view mirror which is around $300.00 those prices are what I remember them to be .
Curious did anyone hit how did it get messed up and do you have any idea what software level your car is on .
you mean the folding switch in between parking and heat seat? ,,its not responding
Makes me wonder if his car is at the latest software?
Both mirrors aren't working ?
yes both stuck in fold position , tried to use the auto fold option in setting
worked for 2 days today unlocked folded properly and stayed there
Makes me wonder if his car is at the latest software?
yeh.. supposedly the dealer updated to the latest 5.1 .. how can i check it??
Start the car, hit the agree button, then hold down the bottom left button on the screen (the one above the volume buttons) for 8 seconds. Let go, and you should see a new screen with a bunch of version numbers. Please post what it says next to your VIP Version.

If it doesn't work, hit Climate, let it switch, then try again.
the folding switch the auto fold not working , is it possible fuse blow up?
Doubtful, as the mirror motors get their signals from the VCM. Check your software level.
Software version number
vip ver: 7.777.00
host 9.29.00
Well you're at the latest software, so it's peculiar that the folding mechanism has stopped on both mirrors. That problem was supposed to be solved in the latest software.

You'd want to check if there's a signal getting to the mirror at the connector. Obviously this would be easiest if you had a mirror assembly to swap into the car and hit the button. Barring that, you'll need to take the door panel off and test the signal at the connector while pushing the button.
how to remove panels for swap to test signal?
Same issue: autofolded and never folded back

Hi guys

I have the same issue. Software version is also identical. About a week ago I turned on the comfort settings (easy entry, autofold, etc.) for the first time. Locked the car, left it in the garage for a week until last night.

The mirrors had auto-folded, but did not want to unfold back. Tapping on the respective touch icon makes it light up (white icon) or dim (gray icon), but nothing happens with the mirrors.

The fuse is ok, as the steering-wheel (on same fuse) can still be positioned. I also don't think that the motors burned as I have latest software. And this was really the first time ever I folded my mirrors - stupid idea of mine...

Looks to me like a software bug. Any suggestions anyone? Hard-reset? or better call the dealer?

Thanks in advance
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Try a hard reset also move the mirror out by hand feel if it locks into place and try the button again on the touch screen .I haven't seen a mirror issue since the latest software update.One thing I have seen if the mirror function was used before the latest software the mirror motors might of been damaged and it took this long of use to finally go bad .That Ive seen
Update on my situation: had the car checked at the swiss dealer and apparently the mirror motors did burn. strange, as I seem to have the latest software. just got a call from the dealer that they fixed it (it took them 5 weeks to obtain the new replacement mirrors) and that I can pick up my baby tomorrow... :)
Five weeks wow i have at least four sets on hand any time you run into a parts problem send me a PM
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