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Met Master Fisker Tech Adam Potter today

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So I just purchased my 2012 Karma fisker ecochic #687 and ive been trying to learn all the ins and out and fix all the minor issues it came with. So I happened to be on vacation in Florida, so ive been conversing with Adam through text and E-mail and I decided to see if he was close by were I was staying and it just so happened that the dealership motor trend in which he works was only 25 minutes away!!! So I headed down to the dealership and was greeted with open arms. He brought me right into the shop, showed me everything i needed to know and helped me out a lot with all the questions i had. He was an enormous help!!! Showed me a few vehicles he was working on, showed me how to do a hard reset and even showed me the internals of a battery. It was a great experience, definitely the highlight of my vacation so far!! Then he even gave me a Fisker hat!! My car is most likely going to be going into service at Philly Fisker in a week or so and let me expound on how nice of a guy Joe at Philly Fisker is!!!! He took 45 minutes out of his busy work day to sit there and converse with me a ton of other questions i also had. Even helped my Fiance out when a light popped on the dashboard that she didn't know what it was!! Overall it really feels like everyone in our tight Fisker circle is like a big family! Now i just need to find a way for my condo to let me install a 220 plug so i can charge this baby faster!!
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It was my pleasure to show you around and meet you please stop by anytime your in Florida
Fisker Philly

I would have to concur in regards to Joe "Fisker Philly." I have been in contact with Joe for months and finally got to meet him personally today when I dropped my Fisker off at his shop. What a wonderful guy to talk to! After leaving the shop, I knew my car was in good hands. I've never met Adam, but Joe talked about him admirably. Thanks again Joe.
Thanks fellas, Adam and I talk pretty much daily and commiserate on our "challenges" lol. Agreed it is like family.
Yeah it's just what I'm missing a step child well their is a good chance that I might fly up to Philly for Joes meet and greet
Adam's new shop is great and he's a lifesaver.
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