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I suggest you contact this : . I bought a Panasonic (Nissan Leaf) travel charger upgraded to 220 volts from EVSE Upgrade. I bought with a 220 plug and a pigtail for 120 volts and can use for either. It works great. When I bought, there were some in stock that had been upgraded so that I did not need to buy the Leaf charger and ship to them to upgrade. You will need to talk to them about correct plug....or have EVSE leave it where you wire in the plug in China. Suggest you go to web site to get phone number and call them. They do sell for overseas usage. I think the phone number is +1-509-651-8000. They are open Mon. to Fri. from 9a.m. to 5 p.m. , Pacific time(CA time zone).

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I forgot to say I am using the EVSEUpgrade charger with my Fisker. Here is more info:
Click here for Pricing and Ordering information

All EV's (Electric Vehicles) and Plug-In Hybrids on the market currently use a standard for charging developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This standard makes it possible to have a common type of connector to charge these vehicles safely and reliably. The standard is referred to as J1772, and it specifies both the type of connectors and how the charge process is implemented. Together this charge cord and its electronics are referred to as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment).

J1772 Charge Handle J1772 Vehicle Inlet Typical Installed EVSE Typical Portable EVSE

This standard allows for the safe charging of vehicles with controlled conditions including a method to let the vehicle know if power is limited so it can draw less energy while charging. All plug-in vehicles currently on the market are delivered with a small portable EVSE that enables what the SAE refers to as "Level 1" charging, which in the US is limited to 120V (standard wall Outlet). The problem is the limited power available from 120v outlets means a slow recharge time. The "Level 2" charge specification includes charging from 240v, which can reduce the recharge time to half (or less) time than Level 1. Unfortunately there are no low-cost and/or portable Level 2 EVSE's presently available for sale.

Our upgrade service for the Nissan, Mitsubishi, or Toyota Supplied (Panasonic) Level 1 EVSE improves its function to add a versatile Level 1 and Level 2 auto-detect charging option which works on both 120V or 208/240V. This custom upgrade allows the user to still charge on a standard 120V outlet at Level 1 and additionally on 240V at Level 2 for over double the charge speed. The upgraded unit also acts as a great backup unit or even a replacement for a permanently installed level 2 home EVSE!

In addition to the auto-switching power supply, the plug on the EVSE is upgraded to a NEMA L6-20 twist lock connector. This allows the ability to have multiple adapters that positively lock to the EVSE's plug and won't pull out. This makes the charging operation much safer, and along with the twist-lock function, almost all L6-20 receptacles are built much better (safer) than standard residential 120v outlets. Adapters that connect to the L6-20 can then be added by the owner at any time, allowing use on almost any receptacle type. The custom upgrade service retains safety features of the original design while substantially increasing utility and functionality. The standard upgraded unit will charge at 12 amps on 240v which is twice as fast as 120v and 87% of the maximum capability of the Leaf. We are now also offering a revision 2 software upgrade that will allow the full LEAF level 2 charge capability (16 amps) when used on 240v. (NOTE: See FAQ below if you have a Mitsubishi or Toyota EVSE) This revision 2 upgrade is optional and adds $48 to the cost of the basic upgrade. We stand behind our work, with a one-year warranty on the upgrade and all parts used.

In addition to upgrading your existing EVSE, we also sell new Nissan-Branded units with the upgrade already completed. This also makes a fine option for all other J1772 compliant EV's and Plug-in Hybrids.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

(Nissan/Panasonic unit pictured, Mitsubishi unit is almost identical and Toyota unit is more compact)

Upgrade service for Nissan/Mitsubishi/Toyota (Panasonic) L1 EVSE including heavy-duty UL Listed and EMI/RFI shielded molded twist-lock NEMA L6-20 plug: $239.00
Powerful - Professionally upgraded internally to auto-detect and adjust to 120V or 208/240V input
Versatile - Includes high-quality UL Listed and EMI/RFI shielded, molded NEMA L6-20 twist-lock plug for easy and safe connections
Rugged - The Panasonic-made EVSE is incredibly durable, even surviving being driven over - Charging you can count on every time
Reliable - We use top quality UL listed components and the twist-lock plug will stay connected while charging
Safe - Retains original safety functions as engineered to ensure safe operation
Quality - Fully tested with a one year warranty on parts and labor
Green - Substantially reduced "phantom" load reduces standby power consumption
Fast - The upgraded EVSE is typically sent back out within 1 business day

(appearance and color may vary subject to availability)
Optional High-Quality, UL Listed, EMI/RFI Shielded 120V adapter cord with molded end - standard NEMA 5-15P (Edison) plug to L6-20 receptacle - $25

Optional cord for creating custom adapters, Simply add your own end - 20" heavy-duty UL Listed and EMI/RFI shielded cable assembly with rugged L6-20R molded receptacle - $20

Click here for Prices and Ordering information

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the EVSE upgrade?
The EVSE (charging cable) upgrade allows users to send in their original 120V Level 1 charging cable included with the LEAF and have it safely converted to also operate at 240V, (Level 2). The upgrade consists of new internal components, as well as a new 240V capable plug on the unit. If you still will need 120V capability, an optional plug adapter cable is also available that allows you to still plug into a standard 120V outlet and charge at the (slow) Level 1 in the case where a 240V outlet is not readily accessible.

How does this upgrade benefit me?
The upgrade allows Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-Miev, and Toyota Plug-in-Prius owners to charge in less than half the time when plugged into any 240V outlet, which greatly reduces recharge time and also saves money/hassle on permanently installed home charging stations. The unit also still allows charging on the standard 120V outlets with the optional 120V plug adapter cable. Another benefit is possible use as a backup charging source should your installed home charging station fail for some reason. (Quite common with some brands!)

Can this damage my car somehow?
The EVSE is simply a pass-through device, it doesn't alter the AC power being presented, it simply sends it through to the car as-is once the safety interlock requirements have been met. It's basically just a "smart cord". All the power processing and the actual charger unit itself is on-board in the car already, so the EVSE is just an intelligent switch to send power to this unit. The EVSE also tells the charger in the car to limit its consumption to the amperage limit specified in the pilot signal, this prevents the car from overloading the local electrical system. This is the most complex function of the EVSE. Since all power conversion from AC to DC and regulating the DC to the battery is done in the car's on-board charger, this is where the bulk of the complexity in the complete charge system lives. We are highly confident that there is no way the EVSE can damage your car, and will be happy to contact Nissan on your behalf should they try to claim otherwise.

How do people use the upgraded EVSE?
1. As substitute for having an expensive wall-mounted 240V charge station at home.
2. To avoid the red-tape of having a building permit pulled and an electrician permanently installing a station.
3. As portable unit for charging at twice the speed on a 240V outlet, such as when visiting friends or at work.
4. As a backup charging solution even if you already have an existing (or planned) permanently installed station.
5. Semi-Permanent placement at an alternate charge location, such as at work, where an installed station may not be possible or practical.

What is done to the EVSE during the upgrade process?
1. Internal components are upgraded and added to provide the automatic voltage select capability.
2. The power cable is replaced with a new one complete with a rugged molded 240V NEMA L6-20 plug.
3. (optional) If the 16 amp (revision 2) upgrade is ordered the unit's firmware is upgraded.
4. The EVSE is then put through a series of tests to make sure it functions safely and correctly.
5. The housing is re-sealed to insure trouble-free operation.
6. A final quality control test is performed right before shipping to verify the unit is good to go.
A one-year warranty is offered on the upgraded components provided failure was not due to abuse or tampering.

How does the upgrade process work?
There are 4 ways to obtain an upgraded unit:
1. Users send their original unit in for upgrade.
2. They can purchase a new additional unit from their local Dealer and send in that unit for upgrade.
3. We can provide a brand-new already upgraded unit (Nissan-Branded, will work on all J1772 vehicles - subject to avaialble stock).
4. "Advanced Replacement" can be provided where a refundable deposit is paid, then an already upgraded unit is sent out. Once the unit is received, the original one is sent back (must be within a week) and when received in like-new condition the deposit is refunded. This is useful if your current unit is your only charging source. (Sorry this option is only for Nissan branded units!)
The ordering page has more details for these options. All units are professionally upgraded as described in the prior question above and sent back to the user with insurance. Please DO NOT ask to drop off units locally as we are only able to send/receive via a shipping service. We use and recommend UPS, and strongly suggest you use them as a shipper, USPS (postal service) has been proven to be very unreliable lately and may lose your unit, they have lost two already. All instructions are provided at checkout and this process provides the best service to our customers and allows us to serve everyone quickly while keeping costs down.

How do I use the upgraded unit on a 240V outlet?
The upgraded unit is supplied equipped with a standard NEMA L6-20 240V plug that can be plugged directly into the same type of outlet. These outlets are commonly found in many industrial and commercial settings. The upgraded EVSE will work on almost any outlet and power system anywhere on the planet, with a simple plug adapter. So, If the outlet you wish to use is not an L6-20 type, you can buy (or make) an simple adapter. We do not sell or supply completed adapters other than the one for standard 120V outlets. However, short "pigtail" cords are offered that have a molded L6-20 outlet already on one end. If you are able, Simply make a trip to your local hardware store and pick up the proper plug that matches your outlet type and screw the 3 wires on. There are forum members willing to help out out and can also provide completed adapters for low cost. See this thread on the MyNissanLeaf forum for more information. Additionally, If you have an unused dryer outlet at home it can be easily changed to work directly with the upgraded unit, no adapter needed. Please consult a qualified electrician before attempting any use on unfamiliar outlets or before attempting to use any adapters.

Can I still use the upgraded unit on a standard 120V outlet?
Just be sure to purchase the optional 120V plug adapter at checkout and plug it into any 120V outlet as before. The EVSE will automatically configure its internal power supply for that voltage. The upgraded EVSE is "universal" and will work on almost any outlet and power system anywhere on the planet, only needing a simple plug adapter.

How much does it cost?
The Revision 1 (12 amp 240 volt capable) upgrade to your unit costs $239 plus $20 shipping (for most locations in the continental US). The 120V plug adapter cable is $25 extra and is required to charge on 120V but not on 240V, so most users want this adapter. The L6-20R adapter pigtails are $20 each. Adding the full 16 amp capability (Revision 2) adds $48. See the order page for order instructions and more details. Payment can be made using any major credit card through PayPal, and you do not need to have or create a PayPal account to order an upgrade.

What are the tech details?
The upgraded EVSE is "universal" and will work on almost any outlet and power system anywhere on the planet. The input voltage range is 100 to 240 volts at 50 or 60 hertz. Regardless of voltage, the basic (revision 1) upgraded EVSE will consume a maximum of 12 amps. The additional revision 2 upgrade will permit 16 amp charging when connected to an outlet at or greater than 200v. The plug on the EVSE is a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) type L6-20P twist-lock which will mate to an L6-20R receptacle or plug adapter. We supply standard 120V plug adapters and L6-20R pigtails, and there are other adapters available, see this thread on the MyNissanLeaf forum for more information. The upgraded EVSE retains the same J1772 safety features as originally designed. The upgrade also substantially lowers the standby power draw. (sometimes referred to as "Phantom" or "Vampire" draw) The standby current consumption on 120v is typically 1.6 watts. (varies from unit to unit somewhat) This means the upgraded unit wastes about 3 times less energy!

My outlet is far away, How Long is the Cord on the Upgrade?
The upgraded EVSE ships with a total end-to-end length of about 25 feet. If you use the 120v adapter or a pigtail adapter, that adds about 2 feet.

Can you upgrade my Mitsubishi i-MiEV EVSE?
The i-MiEV unit is also manufactured by Panasonic, (same as the Nissan unit) however it is not built the same. It is rated for 8A at 120v, and the wiring is only good for up to 13a. We can upgrade this to 120/240v 8A (rev1) or 120/240v 13A (rev2). The prices are the same as for the Nissan unit, $239 for rev1, and $287 for rev2. At 240v 13a you are charging well over twice as fast as the original unit! Unfortunately, Due to the fact that we do not stock this unit, Our Advance Replacement Service is not availble for it. You can of course still purchase a new upgraded Nissan unit which will work perfectly with your i-MiEV.

Can you upgrade my Plug-in-Prius EVSE?
The Toyota unit is also manufactured by Panasonic, (same as the Nissan unit) however it is not built the same. It is only rated for 12A at 120v, and the wiring is only good for this. We can upgrade this unit to 120/240v 12A (rev1). The price is the same as for the Rev1 Nissan unit; $239. At 240v 12a you are charging over twice as fast as the original unit! Unfortunately, Due to the fact that we do not stock this unit, Our Advance Replacement Service is not availble for it. You can of course still purchase a new upgraded Nissan unit which will work perfectly with your PiP.

Will your new upgraded unit work with my other branded EV? (BMW Active-E, Fisker Karma, Coda, etc)
Our new Nissan-Branded Pansonic upgraded unit will charge any EV or plug-in Hybrid that is SAE J1772 compliant. You have your choice of 2 models, both will charge at up to 12 amps on 120v (1.44kW) or either 12 amps / 16 amps (2.88kW / 3.84kW) depending on whether you purchase rev1 or rev2.

Can you upgrade my Fisker Karma, Chevy Volt, or BMW Active-E EVSE?
All of these units are manufactured by Lear and are intended for emergency use only. Due to the lack of UL Listing and the use of very marginal 16AWG cable, we strongly recommend you avoid using these units if at all possible. If usage must be attempted it is recommended to keep a vigilant watch while charging, and also fully uncoil the cord and allow plenty of airflow. If you intend to charge from a poratble unit often, We recommend the purchase of one of our new upgraded Nissan units which is much more safer and more reliable.

Will the upgraded EVSE work with the Chevy Volt?
This used to be problematic, due to picky timing on the Volt's SAE J1772 Charging interface, but GM has since corrected this with a software upgrade in the Volt. If you have had the dealer installed upgrade, your Volt is now compatibile with our upgrade! All recent Volts are delivered with this installed from the factory now. Our unit will now properly charge a Volt at 120 or 240 volts, and in addition it is built much more ruggedly and heavier-duty than the original Voltec unit. Our unit is equipped with 12awg cable whereas the Voltec only has 16awg! (same size as standard lamp cord!)

Are you also offering an upgrade for the Chevy Volt EVSE (Voltec)?
No, we don't feel this is a safe or viable option. We recommend our upgraded Nissan EVSE to Volt owners, as is much more rugged and better built than the Voltec unit, and in addition is more efficient. The Voltec is equipped with #16 AWG cable throughout, while the Nissan/Panasonic unit uses #12 AWG. We do not feel the Voltec unit is reliable and safe enough, and in addition, the Voltec unit is ultrasonically welded together, so it is difficult to open without damage. (see previous question for more information)

Will having my cord upgraded void my warranty?
It will not void the warranty on your car. In the US we have the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which is a United States federal law, (15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.). Enacted in 1975, it is the federal statute that governs warranties on consumer products. Among other things, It prevents manufacturers from denying warranty coverage from aftermarket upgrades. The only way they can deny a claim is to unequivocally prove that the upgrade did damage to your car. (see previous question) However, the warranty coverage on the EVSE itself will be voided. However, We stand behind our work and cover the upgrade for a period of 1 year, which offers additional peace-of-mind.

What is the "Phantom" power draw of the upgraded EVSE?
This is covered in the "Tech Details" question above, but on 120v with nothing connected the standby draw is typically about 1.6 watts (varies from unit to unit somewhat). This is the best we could do without re-engineering the entire EVSE. Prior to the upgrade the EVSE standby draw was around 5.2 watts, so the upgraded unit wastes about 3 times less power.

Is there a way I can charge on 240v if I don't have access to a 240v outlet?
Yes, you can use a device called a "Quick220" which allows you to use 2 separate normal 120v outlets, and provides a L6-20 socket for the upgraded EVSE to plug in to. Note the 120v outlets cannot be protected by a GFCI breaker, and they must be on 2 different circuits that are on alternate legs. There is an indicator light to assist in locating the proper outlets, and no harm will occur if you try the wrong ones first. The relevant model is called a A220-20L and can be ordered from

I am leasing my LEAF, and am worried I might be penalized if I turn my car in with the upgraded EVSE.
At the end of your lease we will be happy to swap you for a non-upgraded unit for free. (you cover shipping) I'm sure any other LEAF owner with an original unit would also be happy to swap you as well. In a pinch, you could simply cut the molded L6-20 connector off and install a standard screw-on plug just like the EVSE is originally shipped with, which you can purchase at any hardware store. Another option is to simply buy an additional already upgraded unit from us and keep your original unit in the trunk.

Can the EVSE be adjusted to allow a higher (or lower) charge current?
The Nissan/Panasonic EVSE was originally only programmed to support charge at up to 12 amps. However, the internal components and the wiring are rated to 20 amps and easily support 16 amps without any problems. We have developed a way to upgrade the unit's firmware to support full LEAF level 2 charging at 16 amps when plugged into a 240v outlet. The unit will still only be at 12 amps when powered by a 120v outlet. This additional firmware upgrade is called "Revision 2" and costs an additional $48 to have applied to your unit.

I've heard about the "Revision 2" upgrade, what is it, and can I order it?
We have developed an additional upgrade to the EVSE that allows full LEAF level 2 charging at 16 amps when connected to a 240v outlet. The unit will still only charge at 12 amps when connected to a standard 120v outlet. Since this upgrade allows full power charging, there is now no need to consider an expensive alternative! This revision 2 upgrade is optional and only adds $48 to the cost of any upgrade, and to support our existing customers we will upgrade any original revision 1 units to revision 2 for the same cost. (customer must pay for shipping)

I live close by, can I come by and drop off/pick up a unit?
Sorry, this was orignally offered, but we found it disrupted the process and consumed far too much time. In order to keep prices low, unfortunately we have had to discontinue this option. Sorry we can make NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy! If you need faster service, please inquire about our advanced replacement option. (See Below)

I only have the one Nissan unit and am dependant on it for charging, how can I upgrade without losing my ability to charge?
There are 2 options if you cannot be without your EVSE: One is to buy an additional new unit, the other is to make use of our advanced replacement service. This costs an additional $75 handling fee and you must provide a deposit. We then send you out an already upgraded unit to your specification, then once you receive it, you ship us back your old unit. Once we receive your original unit in like-new condition, we then issue a refund for your deposit. This service is contingent on having available units in stock, so please contact us for ordering. Note: Your old unit must be returned within a week and in like-new to avoid late fees and receive your full deposit. This is so others have a chance to use the service, so please do not order an advance replacement if you do not yet have your car! (or your unit is not in new condition)

I still have other questions, how do I get answers?
You may contact us either via our email contact form or by phone at (509)651-8000 between 9am to 5pm pacific time Monday through Friday.

Click here for Pricing and Ordering information

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Also, if the 12 volt battery is dead, you may want a 110-120 volt trickle charger to recharge it.Denver Fisker provided one for my Karma to use when I am gone for several weeks and the car is not used. Denver installed a pigtail connector under the hood such thy I don't need to get to the 12 volt battery to connect it. I do to know about
220 v trickle chargers .

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