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Max Speed with 'empty' battery

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What is the maximum speed if I plan a trip of 600+ km?
I'd not expect, that the engine is capable to support the 200km/h (125 mph) all the way, is it?

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kabalah70 said:
I would say clearly it is not as the 180 kw battery is limited to 95 mph which is clearly not a motor limitation as the motors can take 300kw. The generator is only 175kw, so I would say that without battery supplemental power to the motors 125 mph is not sustainable for indefinite periods. It is 30 more mph, and is motor limited so 300kw-175kw would leave a load of 125kw on the 20.1kwh battery which it could sustain for just under 10 minutes. I would guess you could drive 90-95 mph indefinitely until the gas ran out.
I don't think anybody is really expecting to drive at those speeds here on the Arkobon. I drove from the dealer to my home upon delivery almost all interstate for around two hours 70-80 mph without noticing anything out of the ordinary car issue wise.
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